CLOSE TO HOME ANIMAL RESCUE does not operate a shelter. We are an ALL volunteer-based private foster network focused on adopting animals in our volunteer program.  Our adoption volunteer team is committed to placing our adoptable dogs and cats in loving homes by matching the personality and needs of each animal with prospective new families.

What Are The Steps To Adopt?

  • Visit the list of adoptable animals:  PLEASE pay close attention to the entire biography for each pet, please do not go on looks alone.   We will work with you to find the perfect match, but you must be willing to focus only on finding the perfect fit for your family - behavioral, activity, character wise, as just like with humans, looks fade if it is not the right personality and overall fit for your home.
  • Identify the animals which you feel are a good fit for your family.
  • Complete the application and allow 48 hours for a volunteer to process your application.  Adoption applications do not obligate you to adopt, but are a required first step prior to discussing/interviewing for meeting a potential pet.
  • Please contact your personal references and vet reference immediately to advise them it is okay to speak with our volunteers.
  • Check your email: if there are any incomplete questions, problems, issues, we will immediately email you and your quick response will expedite the process.
  • Upon approval, a volunteer adoption counselor will contact you to answer your questions and/or ask you questions pertaining to the adoption.
  • If approved, a meeting will be set up at the foster home.  The location of the foster home is included in the animal’s bio and you MUST be able to drive to the foster home for the meeting within 72 hours of approval (approval takes 24-48 hours).  This meeting will allow you and the foster family to ensure that you are a good fit.  All members of your family, including your current dog, will be REQUIRED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE.  Bring a collar and leash, when all members of the family and the adoption counselor agree it is a good fit you will be obligated to adopt that day.  If it is not a good fit, we will recommend other dogs that may be a better fit.  Furthermore, if you are more than 30 minutes late for a meeting YOU WILL NEED TO TURN AROUND AND RESCHEDULE.  We are all volunteers and cannot wait more than 30 minutes past your adoption meeting time.
  • Adoption is a lifetime commitment!! We do NOT return adoption fees.  If you even think returning an animal is a possibility, we ask that you wait and do not adopt.  All animals require a commitment and time.  We disclose any and all issues we observe while in foster care, but animals can change in new situations.  You MUST be committed to working on any and all issues that can arise as a result of a new home, which can include:  potty issues, barking, crating, counter surfing, resource issues and/or separation issues.  Again, we will ABSOLUTELY disclose any issues we identify in foster care, as we are committed to not just getting our dogs “out of rescue”, but rather in getting our dogs “permanent homes”.  Training is no different than education for humans and it is highly recommended you attend training and/or make contact with a behaviorist/trainer for any and all issues that arise, immediately.

All adoptions are approved by an Adoption Officer and are an attempt to place each animal in well-suited, loving homes.  Our goal is to match the personality and needs of each animal with the adoptive family best suited to the particular animal.

* We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. *