An Animal Rescue is not a pound, shelter, or government facility. 

An Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, all foster network, and that means we have limitations such as:

  • We do not have a kennel or free-standing building where we store the dogs and cats. Therefore, we cannot take in stray animals. We cannot provide a physical address, as the animals are in individual, volunteer foster homes throughout Northeast Ohio.
  • We do not receive government funding. We rely on private donations and local fundraising events to pay for vet care, surgery, neutering, food, cat litter, fuel, etc. All expenses are paid from the donations received.
  • We do not receive free vet care.  Vets cannot provide services for free, and we must pay for the services they provide.
  • We do not give the animals away. An adoption fee is required. The adoption fee covers vetting and care while in rescue.
  • We do not adopt out unaltered animals.  Overpopulation is the reason we are in existence, therefore, all animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. 
  • We do not employ anyone, we all volunteer for the animals.  We all have other full-time commitments, families, etc.  Please treat all of our volunteers with respect during the adoption process.

Thank you for considering adoption.  We hope this information is helpful to you in your process.