Isabel’s Wish is an ongoing fundraiser in memory of Isabel Foerster. Isabel passed away as a victim of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In lieu of flowers, her family requested donations be sent to Close to Home Animal Rescue to help special needs pets, like Orson, the Foerster’s pug who was heartworm positive. To donate to Isabel’s Wish, please list “Isabel’s Wish” in the caption or memo to ensure this money will be used for special needs pets.

Pets who have been helped as a result of Isabel’s Wish are posted to this page. 

Gladstone – Gladstone was found tied to a dog house with a prong collar, resulting in permanent nerve damage to his vocal cords. He does not have a bark or a loud voice, just a squeak.


Madelyn – Madelyn was found severely emaciated at 20 pounds underweight. She had a broken jaw that had healed incorrectly, a deep paw infection, and a grade two heart murmur, but thanks to donations from Isabel’s Wish she was able to receive the care she needed! Madelyn is a brave and loving girl, and is named after Isabel’s sister! With these donations she has been given a second chance at life.

Isabel – This eight-week old puppy was found outside in 11 degrees weather, left to fend for herself. She is a courageous and loving girl who is now in a new, loving home. She was named after baby Isabel.

Duncan – Duncan was spotted by one of our volunteers at a pound in Cleveland. She felt so horrible for this 13-year-old dog with matted fur, infected eyes, and abscessed teeth that she knew she had to get him the help he needed. Through Isabel’s Wish we were able to give Duncan a chance to have his last years of life full of life and to have the healthcare he needed. He will undergo dental surgery to fight the infection from his abscessed teeth, have appropriate blood work done, and be put on medication to help his eyes. Duncan is a small cockapoo and still has years of love and life to give.