A $50.00 or greater tax-deductible donation to Close to Home Animal Rescue allows you to name an incoming dog or cat.  You can select any name you wish and dedicate it as a gift to that hard-to-buy-for animal lover in your life, your own pet, a deceased family member, etc.

License Plates:  Did you know that by purchasing certain license plates, you can not only show your love for animals, but also help donate toward animal rescue organizations like CtHAR? Click on the license plate for more information.

Event Volunteer:  Join us at adoption events and fundraisers!  Whether you would like to come and hold a dog that is looking for a home, help us sell our famous CtHAR shirts and magnets, greet the public and talk to them about our mission of finding homes for the homeless dogs in Ohio, take pictures for the website, Petfinder, and Facebook: WE NEED YOU.  We are a fun group and we always bring a crowd of dogs and people!  

Transporter:  One of the best hands-on ways to spend time with the dogs in CtHAR rather than foster (or in addition to fostering) is transporting!  As you can imagine, we always have dogs coming in and out, going to the vets, going to fosters, going to events, and none of our dogs can drive!  (I know, I know we have thought about signing them up for driver's ed, but they do not have the equipment to drive.)  So, if you can drive once a week, once a month, or even once a year it is a huge help!  We work with pounds and shelters in Columbiana, Mt. Vernon, Trumbull, Willoughby, and Camp Bow Wow in Bedford Heights!  The dogs have a blast traveling with you, and it is a great way to spend some quality time with a furry friend and help at the same time!  If you need a gas card, please ask.  All we ask is that you record your mileage so that we can provide it to our tax accountant.

Fundraising:  We have had children who have found unique ways to raise funds and awareness for the animals so be creative and have fun!  Remember, $5.00 buys a Bordatella shot for a dog, $15.00 pays for a DHLPP, and so on and so on.  No amount is too great or too small.  Putting your heart into helping is the important thing.  We are an all volunteer, all foster program and without donations and fundraising we simply would NOT exist.  We also have a couple large-scale fundraisers every year and being on a planning committee for one of those is also a HUGE help.

Creative Designs:  As you can imagine, we need some beautiful and informative pamphlets and displays for the events we have.  Close to Home Animal Rescue has had many special needs cases, senior cases, and all of our animals are so darn adorable that they provide us with lots and lots of material to create displays for our events.  If you would like to help be a member of the design team or even work on your own projects we would LOVE your help.

Web Manager:  Yes, things can always be better!  We wish we had more time to continue to update and progress the website, but with our hectic schedules including our full-time jobs and our commitment to the dogs, the website takes a backseat.  This is a huge opportunity missed to connect with our public, fans, and potential adopters and donors!  We hate to miss any opportunity that can help the dogs.  If you would like to manage and/or maintain certain pages and have experience in this area we are in need of someone who can do this on a weekly basis. 

Photographer:  Our dogs are in foster homes throughout Northeast Ohio.  Nothing gets dogs adopted faster than beautiful and fun pictures on Adopt-a-Pet, Petfinder, and Shelter Exchange.  It is time consuming because the dogs are in different areas, and we have new dogs coming in and being adopted every week so it is never ending!  Even if you pick a few foster homes in your area you can commit to taking photos of once a week, it is a huge help to get the dogs adopted.